Alien: Covenant review

Whenever a new movie in the Alien franchise is released, I always have the same hope: that it’ll come close to my favorite in the series, the 1986 sequel Aliens by James Cameron. When Alien: Covenant was announced, that hope came back – and although it’s not nearly as good as Aliens (or the original Alien), I ended up being pleasantly surprised. Continue reading

Rezrog preview (PC)

At the end of this month, on the 31st of May, Rezrog will be released. It’s the latest game to come from Kasedo Games, Kalypso Games’ indie label that recently brought us excellent games like The Metronomicon and Project Highrise. We take a look at what to expect from Rezrog. Continue reading

VR Karts review (PSVR)

When you consider how well VR could work for racing games, it’s surprising to see how few racing games have come out for Playstation VR so far. VR Karts by developer Viewpoint adds a fresh new alternative to the lineup, though so far it’s only available in Europe. Continue reading